Luigi Moretti on Pinterest

Luigi Moretti (1907-1973) is widely considered the most important Italian architect of the 20th century. He produced a massive body of work in the years 1930-1973 in Italy and further afield. Best known to Americans is surely his 1961 Watergate Complex in Washington DC. Some of Moretti’s most significant pre-war and post-war constructions in Rome are the Casa della gioventù in Trastevere (1933); modifications to the Porta S. Sebastiano (1940, apartment for Ettore Muti); the Casa detta il Girasole (1949); Accademia di scherma (1936), the Piazzale dell’Impero (1937) and ex-Palestra del Duce (1936) at Foro Italico (1936); the Villaggio Olimpico (1960); the Incis area in Decima (1960). You can see a huge selection of his works on Pinterest.