In the end it all depends on what we really want. Things, gestures and feelings don’t mean anything on their own. Luxury for example. Luxury, for us, is doing what we love doing. Luxury, they say, lies in what you can’t pay for, because “there is only one real luxury, and that lies in human relations”. (Antoine de Saint Exupéry).
So we have taken a 17th century residential building by Fontana di Trevi and we have converted it into six apartments to allow ourselves the luxury of doing what we love best, and to present you with the luxury of finding in Rome what wasn’t there before: a living room surrounded by everything you might need to help you discover the hidden identity of this great city, or get to know it better.
We are all perfectly aware that the best way to travel is to stay in a friend’s place: one goes back home with a piece of the place we’ve been, with the feeling, however brief, of having become part of the local scene. This is what we have in mind: to be able to assist you with discretion in getting to know the most intimate corners of the city, introduce you to the more radical local traditions and suggest unlikely places where you can discover real Rome.
Whether you’re here on holiday, on business, for a meeting, a party or a wedding. Whether you wish to rent an apartment or the entire CasaCau, this will be a home for you, where you can feel truly spoilt.
No lift.