The apartments in the very heart of Rome offer all the comforts and services one might expect in the best hotels in town, to which we add informal and unusual treats, tailored to our guests’ requirements. Each apartment has a different aesthetic feel and lay out, the flats have their own very strong yet functional personality and appeal, and the guest will get the feeling they’ve made a choice by staying here, they’ll have the impression of living in their own home. And, if necessary, there will always be someone on hand who will understand what you really want, and love.
The six apartments all have dining spaces and open kitchens, supplied with a selection of cooking materials. On awakening, you will be provided with fresh supplies for your breakfast.
The building restoration was conceived so that its historical character could interact with an advanced modern, contemporary, craft based design concept. The furnishings reveal their purpose outright, setting up a direct and simple relationship with the user. The apartments have been completed with the inclusion of a few vintage items from the 50’s to the 70’s, with a very strong and specific identity, designed for the kind of comfort and convenience a stay away from home calls for. Four of them are equipped with a Turkish bath, two have a shower and a tub, while one has a sauna. Some of the units can be joined, creating four person apartments.