Throughout time, an abstract light of events and heroes has irradiated the roman coasts, a treasure of history and legends. Getting to Rome through the Mediterranean Sea is now possible.
We are not a book, a movie or a fairy tale. We are at the Ostia harbour, the Roman sea, a cradle of great heritage of inestimable value.
Your stay in the Capital begins here. A dock, an idea, a projection. Tourmar allows you to make it convenient and easy.
Arriving in Rome can’t be like arriving anywhere. To capture the charm of the docking, one has to be free from tensions, doubts and concerns. It is essential to have the time to understand, to think and to enjoy.
Two mooring spots of 12 meters, one mooring spot of 25 meters, three garages. We are here for you. You can find solutions for transit and mooring services, with prices for long or short stays. From your first moment in Rome, it will be our priority to guarantee you every comfort.
Dedicate your time to the suggestions of the journey and retrace the route and the virtues of timeless heroes. Onsite services, transfer services to the city, concierge services: Tourmar is at your complete disposal to make your stay on board and ashore, without limits.