A magical and unique house

“I arrived and I stopped.
Yes, I stopped. Rome has its own time: a lifetime isn’t enough to get to know it well, just like a few hours will reveal only so little of it.
It is better to understand right away and to get along: Rome is always in a hurry. Among frenzies, springs and hysterias. Always running, yet so ancient. A madness, an oxymoron, a contradiction. The time of Rome is a scale: on one hand, the present and the future, on the other hand, the past. Today, the more the things grow bigger, the more the past begins to speak. It is an enormous burden that becomes a careless habit. Rome is basically a heavy backpack on someone’s shoulders, always on a run. A load of history, stories and things.
So I searched for balance. In Rome it is easy to fall and it is easy to get lost. Between holes, lines, crowds, craziness, tourists, facts, questions, unanswered questions. Rome is made of multiple layers of magnificence: a magic chain formed by rings that have a random and millennial order.
My balance is here, in a beautiful oasis where time is suspended. From six possible choices. I elected one, chasing the whim and the need. Everything else is useless, just take a look towards Trevi Fountain, between roofs and the sunset light…
From the windows I don’t hear any noises. Silence and peace are a delicate rule in this house.
I see people lined up in anonymous paths, that are good for everyone. It is a soundless movie from which I take only what I like. I don’t settle, I don’t rush. I arrived and I stopped, cradled by a gentle atmosphere. In this house I can recharge and start over. Rome is outside, in a time that swings. It is there waiting for me.
But the city is also inside, among these ancient walls and wooden doors. They are a noble and beautiful barrier that help me escape from a crowd that follows lines and lights with no souls.
I took my time to understand Rome. I stopped, and I waited the right moment and the right energy to run through it. I can cook, eat, drink, sleep. My stillness is in harmony with the wonders that are outside.
The magic of the Eternal City is here: a pendulum swinging between excitement and indifference, ancient and modern. I decide the rhythm in this house, I choose when to get overwhelmed or detached, because there is harmony between the inside and the outside.
Lying in bed I gather thoughts, love, needs and I decide the time. Like the owner of the house I do it without pressure. Between Rome and me there is a perfect bond. Our times get along now.
I feel that I understand, I feel that I have Rome in my hands.
When I take the stairs of this ancient and discreet building: thousands of years pass by at each step. Noises are chasing me. Thousands of voices, colours and faces. I am among them, but at the same time so far away!
I look out to the city from my elegant living room. Rome is everywhere but it doesn’t corrupt me, it doesn’t hurt me, it doesn’t suffocate me. These walls act as a light filter, a shelter from any cliché.
I walk around in the house, I lay down and then I walk again. The city manages to touch me lightly and wrap me like a silk blanket. That’s how I want to get to know the city once again, protected by an ancient oasis of freshness, without any contamination.
Here I am with everyone, but different from all. I am in the heart of Rome, without being stunned by its eternal beat.
I arrived and stopped. This House is magical and unique. Just like Rome.”