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Stazione di Posta, gourmet restaurant in Testaccio quarter. One Michelin star in a fascinating space with a strong personality, where most of the original architectural aspects of the “ex Mattatoio” are still evident. Get ready for a tasting journey with plenty of destinations. Infact here you will not find courses but Passages: we propose journeys with three, four or six Passages. But there are interests that require a deeper look, curiosities to be satisfied. That’s why our proposals come up with paired wines or not. And for the most experienced palates, who have long travelled and have a precise idea of their next tasting trip, we propose a journey in Carta Bianca, where all the passages and the destinations are personally chosen.

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4 PASSAGES without wines, 4 PASSAGES with paired wines, 6 PASSAGES without wines, 6 PASSAGES with paired wines, CARTA BIANCA without wines, CARTA BIANCA with paired wines